THE CLUB x Cross Court Analytics

Take your game to the next level

THE CLUB and Cross Court Analytics have teamed up to provide you with an unrivaled match analysis and game planning service.

We can run full analytics on your, or your oppnents matches. In linking up with High Performance Coach Josh Taylor we can provide you with game plans and targetted improvement plans to improve your game.

Power by analytics and some of the games best insights. This truely will provide you with the next step to get the quickest improvements and world class results.

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What tHE CLUB Pro's Say:

Finn Withington, British Junior Open Champion 2023

“Josh’s advice and help with my match planning always sets me up to perform my best.” 

Saran Nghiem, US Junior Open Champion 2022, Havard University No.2

“Josh is a great coach, he sees a lot in the game that most others miss. He has really helped me improve.” 

Jasmine Hutton, British National Champion, HWR 20

“Squash Josh is great with giving game plans when I’m away, they’re structured and most importantly simple’” 

Madison Ho, British Junior Open Champion 2023, Stamford University No.1

“Coach Josh worked with me to help develop game plans throughout my British Junior Open win, this has had a great impact on my results” 



What the Cross Court Analytics pros Say:

Olivia Weaver, HWR 7

“These reports are an incredible tool for players looking to gain data-driven insights into their techincal and tactical patterns of play – it’s a game changer for coaches!” 

Victor Crouin, HWR 7

“Cross Court Analytics are the best available tool today in terms of access to data for match preparation and game development. I am very excited to use Cross Court to further develop my game and move up the ranks.” 

Amanda Sobhy, HWR 3

“Sometimes it’s hard to notice things when just watching film, so to have the actual data analytics and stats in front of you is a huge asset for one’s individual game and for studying opponents. As a huge data nerd, I love utilising Cross Court Analytics and see the break down of matches” 

Aly Abou Eleinen, HWR 14

“When just watching film, it’s often difficult to notice the little details and analysis that Cross Court provides.” 

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