Women’s league returns to Cheetham Hill

Monday Night 10/10/2022 CHSC Ladies Team were at home to play The Northern 1. Mia, Sarah, Low, Amy and Jess.
Monday Night 10/10/2022 CHSC Ladies Team were at home to play The Northern 1. Mia, Sarah, Low, Amy and Jess.

The team looked resplendent in their new sponsored kit, and ready for battle!
Mia was first up against Catherine who looked an experienced player and so it proved with
Catherine hitting some nice straight drives and very accurate lifts to the back. But Mia was
too accurate with her shots and moved Catherine around the court to good effect and ran out
a 3-0 winner: 11/2 11/5 11/7.
Next up was debutant Sarah, who was obviously nervous and probably tired after coming off
a night shift at the hospital, who was up against Lindsay. Sarah hit some fine shots to the
back of the court but Lindsay kept dropping the ball short which had Sarah in trouble. But
Sarah kept plugging away, a good start to her ladies league career. Lindsay ran out a 3-0
winner: 11/8 11/6 11/3.
Jess next, playing Yara. Yara has been playing a lot of junior squash and she got off to a fine
start with her volley drops working well but Jess just sneaked the first game. In the second
Yara kept playing her game and won a very tight second game 12-10. and took the first
game. In the third Jess came straight out of the blocks and hit her targets at the back and
started to move Yara around the court but it was close, 12-10 to Jess. In the fourth a couple
of crosscourt nicks and a winning drop helped her through and Jess ran out a 3-1 winner:
11/6 10/12 12/10 11/7.
Amy was up against Miriam, the recent winner of the Lancashire Junior Closed. Miriam
started in her usual hard-hitting style and took an early lead and kept herself in front to take
the first game. In the second Amy adjusted her game and her variety of shots had Miriam out
of position on numerous occasions. Amy won the second, and informed the team that she
felt she had,” Corned Beef legs,” the rest of the girls just looked at her, and there was a
collective raised eyebrow and a “what”. But Amy was back on court and kept the pressure on
Miriam and ran out a 3-1 winner: 8/11 11/5 11/4 11/4 and secured the tie!
Last up was captain Low against Michelle. The match started quickly with Low dictating the
pace and Michelle trying to volley as much as possible but it was a tough ask and Low took
the first game. In the second Low kept the ball tight, straightened out her length game and
gave Michelle nothing to volley, game to Low. In the third it was nip and tuck as Low hit the
tin with her short shots. Low finally threw in one of her trademark boasts, and well it was low
to win her the point but somehow we ended up at 10/10. After a couple of good rallies and
straight hitting Low eventually won it 15/13. Score: 11/8 11/1 15/13
A good match between the two teams and played in the right spirit, great to watch.

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